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Summary: has Korean chopsticks. Korean style chopsticks are unusual in China as they are flat like the handles of western tableware., a leading manufacturer & supplier of chopsticks in China, supply many styles of Korean stainless steel chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are unusual in China and are unique as they are flat like the handles of western tableware.

Korean chopsticks can be a challenge for some because unlike Chinese and Japanese chopsticks, Korean ones are made out of metal. First-time users often struggle to get the right grip, since they’re a bit slippery compared to other variations.  Why metal, you ask? Well, Korean chopsticks actually have a pretty interesting history behind it.

It’s believed that Korean royalty used pure silver chopsticks, not because they wanted bling on their utensils, but because they didn’t want to be poisoned.  The silver was supposed to change color if there was any poison in their meal, signaling the royal the second they picked up a piece of food that they should probably not eat it.

The idea of using metal chopsticks was the common people’s way of being like the king.  Since pure silver was out of the question, more common kinds of metal were used, which is why now most chopsticks in Korea are made from stainless steel. Also, it is believed that metal chopsticks are easier to clean and thus more hygienic than wooden materials. Shiny, clean, and healthy–Korea is the only country in the world that has used metal chopsticks like this!

Korean style chopsticks feature a brushed metal handle with a flower design embossed. The tips have a polished finish. The chopsticks are 9 inches long and 1/16 inch thick. Korean style chopsticks are perhaps the most unique and unusual of chopsticks. Their flat design and heavier weight make them both easier and more difficult to use than typical Japanese or Chinese style chopsticks. More time and practice are required to master the use of these chopsticks, which Koreans regard with a sense of pride.

Korean chopsticks

Korea is known as the polite neighbor of China, renown for their courtesy and cleanliness. This perhaps explains Korean’s preference for using clean stainless steel for their chopsticks instead of wood and bamboo of other cultures.

In Korea chopsticks are paired with a spoon, always placed to the right of the spoon. Placing the chopsticks to the left is only done at funerals and memorials. Though acceptable in China, it is considered impolite to lift a bowl or plate from the table to reduce the distance to one’s mouth.

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