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Chopstick Rests and Holders Called Hashioki in Japan

In East Asia, chopstick rests are usually used at formal dinners. They are placed on the front-left side of the dishes, with the chopsticks parallel to the table edge and the points toward the left, or to the right side of the dishes, with the chopstick points towards the front.

In Japan, hashioki means literally in Japanese ‘what you put chopsticks on’. Hashiokis are used to rest the tips of the chopsticks and avoid staining tables. They are mostly made of porcelain but can be found in various materials and shapes.

Hashiokis are not highly regarded by the Japanese who consider them as common table decorations. Japanese families all have a few Hashiokis at home, but they do rarely use them. Hashiokis are more likely to be used in restaurants or on formal occasions.

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Hashiokis can be a different way to discover unknown aspects of Japan. Many Hashiokis refer to traditions, celebrations, food, wildlife, or objects typically Japanese.

From whimsical designs to elegant works of art, chopstick rests and holders provide a crowning touch to your Asian-style dinner table.

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